ATSOCKET 5kA: special protection for LED luminaires

ATSOCKET 5kA: special protection for LED luminaires

Its small size makes it easy to install inside the electrical conduits, very close to the luminaires


With a similar size to a wristwatch, ATSOCKET transient overvoltage protectors can be installed inside a conduit, very close to the equipment to be protected, even if they are outdoors as it happens with post lamps and traffic lights. Those equipments of our streets are nowadays made with LEDs, that is, light diodes which advantage is reducing consumption and improving visibility, but that are also more sensitive than the old bulbs to electrical discharges.

ATSOCKET protectors will be installed close to the power supply sockets. They can withstand secondary lightning currents up to thousands of amperes, letting residual voltages lower than 1,5kV. ATSOCKET 5kA, in particular, is specially designed for protecting outdoor and public lighting, safeguarding these devices and therefore improving safety in rods and streets, avoiding blackouts and circulatory disorders that may even cause accidents

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