ATSUB-D M 1DIN: new compact protector for power lines in domestic environments

Compact and easy to install, ATSUB-D M 1DIN protects the most sensitive domestic appliances

Finding a space in electric boards for surge protectors may become a problem in domestic environments, especially when the house has been reformed. ATSUB-D M 1DIN comprises, as its name indicates, one DIN module, that is only 18mm wide. Therefore it is easy to place and to wire in even in a small electric board.

Todays houses or apartments contain many sensitive electronic devices, and the trend is increasing. Normally such equipments are protected against overvoltages but not against a strike to the line (only against the secondary lightning effects, already attenuated). ATSUB-D M 1DIN may be employed as secondary protection thus safeguarding the most sensitive appliances.

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