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CD-RISK of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas: the most versatile lightning protection software on the market

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has the software to design the most efficient lightning protection system in the sector according to current regulations. CD-RISK is the professional application that allows risk calculation and selection of the Protection Level of a building with regards to the Technical Building Code (SUA8) and UNE standards (EN 62305 and 21186), in addition to designing the lightning protection automatically, with different systems and in a simple and intuitive way, without the need to insert graphics of great complexity or precision.

The technical department of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, our distributors and designers of lightning protection systems use this software to carry out comprehensive protection projects in the most efficient way possible and always in accordance with current regulations.

In the industrial sector, the risk assessment of lightning strikes, with a professional study, is an essential requirement in most countries, determining:

  • Protection level required by the installation.
  • Characteristics of the lightning protection system, both external and internal.
  • Maintenance and revision plan.

The CD-RISK can determine whether lightning protection is mandatory under the CTE SUA8 and, as it enables the design of standard lightning protection systems, it will significantly reduce the damage that atmospheric discharge impacts may cause.

Differences between Free and Pro versions of CD-RISK software

In Aplicaciones Tecnológicas we offer you two versions of our software depending on the requirements of the professional study you want to carry out. The Free version allows a complete Risk calculation of a single building according to the IEC and CTE SUA8 standards.

The Pro version, meanwhile, offers more features:

  • Risk calculation of various buildings according to UNE, IEC and CTE standards.
  • Descriptive memory of the complete lightning protection project (ESEs, Mesh, Surge).
  • List of necessary materials.
  • Access to the projects’ portal to download the memory and the quotation.

CD RISKHow to get the CD-RISK Free?

To obtain the Free version of the CD-RISK Software, you must register in the Portal for Specifiers of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas. Within this portal, you will have access to the latest calculation and design programs, technical sheets, certificates, AutoCAD / BIM details and measurements, which will facilitate the realization of your projects. With this version you will be able to perform the Risk Calculation for a single building according to UNE, IEC and CTE standards.

Furthermore, you can enroll in free and periodic online courses on specific topics related to lightning protection such as:

  • Apliweld® Secure + exothermic weld.
  • Lightning Protection System: DAT CONTROLER ® REMOTE Early Streamer Emission (ESE) lightning rod.
  • Transient and permanent overvoltages.
  • ATSTORM® early thunderstorm detection system.

Inside the Portal for Specifiers you will find the Advanced Course of Lightning Protection. This course consists of a complete theoretical-practical training in the virtual classroom of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas that will allow you to carry out comprehensive lightning protection projects with the security offered by in-depth knowledge of this complex subject. The theoretical-practical lessons of the course include real examples of projects and access to a tutor.

How to get the CD-RISK Pro?

If you want to obtain the Pro version of the CD-RISK Software, you must enrol into the Advanced Course on Lightning Protection, through the Portal for Specifiers. This course is intended for professionals such as architects, engineers, electrical installers, technical personnel from companies, students and graduates in technical fields interested in new development opportunities.

Regarding the programme, the course is organized into eight didactic units that cover the different aspects of lightning protection. Each unit consists of theory, explanatory videos and level tests.

  1. Lightning nature.
  2. The lightning phenomenon: its parameters and effects.
  3. External lightning protection system using ESEs.
  4. Basic elements and requirements of a lightning protection installation.
  5. Internal lightning protection systems.
  6. Overvoltages and how to protect yourself against them.
  7. Regulatory context.
  8. How to assess the risk of lightning strike and related regulations.
  9. Lightning protection system design using AutoCAD.
  10. Design of lightning protection system using CD-RISK Pro.
  11. Practical cases.
  12. Examples of building protection using lightning rods and mesh.
  13. Project manager.

The course will be entirely online and will consist of a duration of 50 teaching hours. After successfully completing the course, you will have acquired the necessary knowledge to access the Project Manager, a complete and valuable online tool to design, organize and budget autonomously and intuitively for comprehensive lightning protection projects.

In addition, by taking the course and obtaining the PRO version of CD-RISK, you can carry out the Risk Calculation of various buildings according to the regulations chosen, as well as preparing complete lightning protection projects. In order to do so, it will have the list of the necessary materials and finally it will have access to the project portal, where you will be able to download a detailed report and its total quotation.

Access the Advanced Lightning Protection Course by clicking here.