CDRisk: the most advanced software to evaluate and design lightning protection systems

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas’ professional app integrates in one single tool the main LPS standards. 

CDRisk software helps to calculate the risk assessment and to design a lightning protection system exhaustively. Fully developed by Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, CDRisk is the most complete software of the sector for risk calculation and lightning protection analysis according to the current standards.

Our software is configured both for ESE air terminals -NF-C 17102 and UNE 21186 standards- and for Franklin rods and meshed conductors – IEC EN 62305-. For this second option, the software is prepared as well for choosing the type of conductor – tape, cable, or round- and its material –copper, aluminum or galvanized steel-.

By using CDRisk software, our Technical Department and our Certified Distributors, which are located in more than 70 countries, can efficiently design comprehensive lightning protection projects according to the requirements specified in the standards.

More info about CDRisk Professional Version –Software for Risk Assessment and Lightning Protection Systems Design.

Besides, you can directly download the CDRisk simplified web version in order to do your own risk assessment. Then, you may ask for a quotation and a detailed report.