Why do you need to check your lightning protection system and surge protection installation?

Avoid risks by keeping your lightning protection system in working order

A lightning protection system is designed to withstand several lightning discharges. Nevertheless, it is essential to check periodically the whole lightning air terminal, the surge protection installation and their accessories in order to prevent serious damages to people, buildings and electronic equipment.

Which are the standards related to the maintenance and verification of the external and internal lightning protection system?

The current international standard IEC EN 62305 establishes as essential and compulsory the inspection of the lightning protection system, which must be carried out by a specialized and technically accredited company.

Additionally, in every country there are specific regulations that may be related to the maintenance of the lightning protection system and/or the electrical installations, as work health and safety codes for instance.

When and why must the inspections be done?

  • If the structure to be protected have been modified, such as new building works, restorations, installation of antennas, etc.
  • If the structure has suffered a direct lightning strike.
  • Before the start of the period of storms.
  • Periodically, according to the standards.

And how often?

Generally, the standard specifies revisions at least every year. However, in the case of structures with risk of explosion or exposed to corrosive environments, the lightning protection system must be checked every 6 months.

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