Surge protection for domestic and business telecommunication installations

Surge protection for domestic and business telecommunication installations

Basic configuration to protect your antenna and telephone installation with the most effective overvoltage protection devices.

Telecommunication installations for houses and offices are very sensitive to overvoltages caused by lightning strikes or power supply network failures. Our homes and work places contain numerous electric and electronic equipment (computers, TVs, etc.) that may be destroyed by these overvoltages.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas recommends the following protection model according to Common Telecommunications Infrastructure Standards.

Due to their placement, aerials are one of the most exposed elements to lightning discharges. Even when an external lightning protection system exists, the discharge secondary effects can affect the TV or RF signals. ATFREQ surge protection devices protect the signal cable deriving the induced and conducted surges to the ground, thus avoiding damages to the communication and TV equipment and to the connected devices (DVD, video, decoders, home cinema sets, etc.)

It is recommended the installation of an ATFREQ-F (AT-2103) SPD for each antenna.

For the power supply of the distribution amplifier, we recommend our ATCOVER (AT-8112), a surge protector device against transient overvoltages for 230V single-phase electrical supply lines, neutral and grounding, that includes common and differential protection modes in only one device. For the amplifiers or each coaxial line we recommend to install an ATSUB-D (AT-8216).

AT-9109 SPD for telephone lines with KRONE connections in modules with medium and tight coordinated protection for one pair of wires.