Conductiver+, Aplicem and Aplifill, differents products with one goal: improving the conductivity of the soil

A low resistance is an essential requirement for any earthing and even more for lightning protection systems

Earthing is an essential element, given that it is the ultimate aim of the current both for lightning and for electric failures. If the earthing has a high resistance, then the current could find another path to ground, forming dangerous sparks or passing through electronic equipment.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. has developed several soil enhancing compounds that lower the earthing resistance:

Aplifill is a highly hygroscopic compound, therefore it will retain the humidity around the electrode if it fills the dwell made for soil replacement.

Aplicem is a conductive cement that is employed as well for filling the trenches where the earth electrodes have been installed. Aplicem provides conductive elements that besides,  thanks to such cement consistency, remain over time since rainwater does not solve or drag them.

Conductiver+ is an ecological gel that improves soil conductivity and can be effectively applied even to existing earthings with no need of civil work.

+Info about earthing enhancing compounds