Conductiver Plus®: conductivity ground enhancing gel for earthing systems

Our conductor gel improves the conductivity of the soil up to 200%.

Earthing systems are essential at every electrical installation in order to protect people and facilities from potential differences such as the ones lightning strikes provoke. However, not every kind of soil has a low earthing resistance.

Conductiver Plus® is a non corrosive ground enhancing gel with low solubility but very hygroscopic. It is made of an electrolyte base, which contributes to increase the conductivity of the soil as well as the absorption and retention of water, thus improving the richness of soluble salts. Therefore, it is very useful for gravelly soils.

Our Conductiver Plus® gel is characterized by:

  • Having the capacity to create partially ionized electrolytes, with a high charge and a high capacity to retain water and to form gels.           
  • Remaining in the ground for a long time, thanks to the formation of links with the soil particles.
  • Increasing soil conductivity (approximately 200%) during one year with a rainfall of 700litres/m2.
  • Not causing corrosion of the earth electrodes.
  • Being totally ecological.

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