The Whys and Whatfors of using APLIWELD® exothermic welding

The Whys and Whatfors of using APLIWELD® exothermic welding

Railway, construction and other industrial installations benefit from the advantages of our brand.

There are many advantages of using exothermic welding. The most important one being that the process produces a molecular joint and not just a mechanical one between the conductors.

In this way, Apliweld® guarantees all types of common joints, not only copper cable unions but also to weld tapes, brass metallic pieces, stainless steel, copper-coated steel ground rods, etc.

Due to its characteristics, Apliweld®:

  • Has a superior electrical conductivity to the conductors themselves.
  • Does not corrode, oxidise or degrade with time and is resistant to galvanic coupling.
  • Is able to withstand repeated electrical discharges.
  • Never increases its resistance.
  • Has greater mechanical and squeezing resistance than the conductors themselves.
  • Offers a permanent welding and a low resistance connection, particularly important in achieving a longwearing and reliable result when carrying out any earthing system.

Therefore, Apliweld® is highly recommended for metallic joints needed for earthing installations of:

  • Lightning protection systems
  • Railway
  • Industrial installations

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