ATSHIELD Series: the strongest and most efficient surge protection on the market

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas launches new ATSHIELD TT and ATSHIELD S, compact and combined protector devices with large absorption capacity and low residual voltage.

ATSHIELD TT and ATSHIELD S are surge protector devices against direct lightning strikes with combined technology. They provide an efficient and compact protection against transient overvoltages for power supply systems.

Tested and certified as Type 1 and 2 protectors according to EN 61643 standard, they combine the best qualities of the up-to-the-minute overvoltage protection technologies: the residual voltage of the varistors together with the capacity of lightning current absorption of the spark gaps.

Due to their characteristics, these surge protector devices are particularly suitable to factories and industrial complexes, hospitals, public buildings, etc.

More info about ATSHIELD TT y ATSHIELD S surge protector devices.