DAT CONTROLER PLUS air terminals will protect one of the largest shops of Bauhaus in Spain

The German company protects its new shopping centre, more than 17.000m² large, with Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. products

The new shop of Bauhaus in Spain occupies a floor space of over 17,000 sqm, with a height of 10 meters and a large totem. The building is beside a motorway, higher than it, and therefore it is especially exposed to lightning strikes in case of thunderstorm in that area.

The external protection is formed by 3 DAT CONTROLER PLUS air terminals, each of them with down-conductors and earthing. Tape has been used for the down-conductors, since it has larger surface for the same amount of material than cables and therefore has less resistance, less inductance and generates less electric fields. Each air terminal has been provided with a lightning event counter.

The earthing system has been made with copper coated electrodes in triangle configuration, treating the soil with our conductivity enhancer CONDUCTIVER PLUS and obtaining earth resistances lower than 10 ohms. They have been bonded to the general earthing using isolating spark gaps, so they are only connected when there is a lightning discharge, so achieving a better current distribution.

Download here more information about the installation of a external lightning protection system with Early Streamer Emission air terminals