Lightning Protection & Energy Efficiency

Lightning Protection & Energy Efficiency

Lightning and surge protection for buildings and equipment will help you to save costs.

A lightning protection system according to the standards, besides avoiding risks to people, installations and equipment, helps also with reducing energy costs. Having a lightning air terminal, surge protectors and a good earthing, whatever the structure is industrial, residential or for services, improves consumption and energy expenditure.

This is mainly necessary for structures and buildings containing a large amount of electric and electronic equipment, very sensitive and costly. It is estimated that a lightning protection system extends the life of the equipment about 20%, which means both costs savings and reduction of waste generated by the replacement of such equipment. On another side, maintaining this equipment protected against electric discharges and surges will assure an optimum working and a longer adjusted resource consumption.

Besides, as preventive lightning protection, storm detectors with assist with activating the necessary measures in case of thunderstorm, thus minimizing the possible damages to electric and electronic equipment.