New ATLAN POE CAT6: surge protective devices for high speed data lines

Lines transmitting data at high speeds between the most sophisticated equipment can also cause the loss of all the data if an overvoltage enters the line that is not protected

ATLAN Surge Protective Devices are designed to avoid failures in data transfer between equipment of same network, since they protect the input of the network cards against harms due to transient currents. Yet, this protection has to be installed in serial with the line so its first requisite is not to disturb the signal during normal working.  

ATLAN POE CAT6 surge protectors can be installed, as the name suggest, in Category 6 lines, which connect high-tech equipments since these lines are faster and avoid crosstalk and system noises. Thus these lines, are able to transmit data at 1GB per second, do not loose any operability but they do not transmit, coming from areas exposed to electromagnetic perturbations, dangerous overvoltages that may damage costly equipment containing a large amount of information.

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