New KIT ATCONTROL/R PT T: the self-reclosing protector against transient and temporary overvoltages

KIT ATCONTROL/R PT devices protect against both transient and temporary overvoltages. With this new version, provided with a contactor, they can be installed in unfrequented places

Unpredictable phenomena such as thunderstorms, power overloads or neutral line disconnections may seriously damage the electric and electronic equipment connected to the power line. In case of temporary overvoltages, due to their long duration, the only way of safeguarding the equipment is to disconnect the line.

In unfrequented places such as second homes or automatisms installed in remote placements, such disconnections may also cause losses, firstly the expenses of a person travelling to the place where such equipment is installed in order to switch the line on again. KIT ATCONTROL/R PT T is thus ideal in these cases since it automatically re-connects itself and therefore the line. In this way, KIT ATCONTROL/R PT T protects the equipment against both transient and temporary overvoltages and also makes them work again normally once the perturbation has disappeared.