One of the biggest steelmakers in Latin America is protected by ten of our lightning rods

ADELCA, one of the largest steelmakers in Latin America based in Ecuador, has all its facilities protected by ten Early Streamer Emission (ESE) lightning rods from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A.

The company was the first steelmaker in Ecuador and pioneer in the recycling from the manufacturing of steel. It is because of its innovative character that they did not hesitate to count on our ESE lightning rods to protect its installations, due to their quality and compliance with regulatory standards.

Industries, including steel mills, rely more and more on electronic equipment that is very sensitive to overvoltages of an atmospheric origin. A failure in this equipment could interrupt entire production lines and cause very serious financial and personal damages. Lightning protection in these cases is essential to guarantee continuity of any activity and to avoid accidents.

ESE lightning rods are the best choice for this type of installation since they anticipate any other element within their protection zone, catching the lightning strike and safely conducting its current to earth. This greatly increases its protection radius and therefore its safety.

Download the ESE air terminal installation guide here.