Protector against transient and temporary overvoltages ATCONTROL/R PT T, able to re-connect any contactor

ATCONTROL/R PT T can reset any contactor to which it is connected, even those employed in installations with a high consumption

Usually temporary overvoltage protectors actuate on a switching element, thus interrupting power supply to the installation until it is manually re-connected. This may lead to production losses, deterioration of products and in general significant economic losses, especially in unfrequented locations.

ATCONTROL/R PT protects against overvoltages due to lightning (transient) and also against those caused by sudden drops of power consumption or disconnections of the neutral (temporary). Furthermore, it is able to allow the re-connection of the installation when the temporary overvoltage is over since it can actuate on any contactor, even those employed in installations where a important power consumption is required.

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