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SMART EARTHING MONITOR, a distributed IoT monitoring system for earthing systems

Earthing is a fundamental element of any electrical installation, which protects equipment and people from dangerous differences in potential. Due to the risks involved in earthing failures, their condition and functionality must be guaranteed by means of periodic check-ups. Smart and IoT technologies applied to the management of earthing systems make it possible to optimise the overall maintenance and control of these installations.

The earth is the common element to which structural units, electrical units, conduits, etc. are directly or indirectly connected, so its poor condition or operation may affect safety components (protections, insulation, etc.) and functional components (filters, measurement lines, screens, etc.).

Correct earthing provides electrical currents with a low-impedance path that protects the installations, preventing these currents from finding unwanted paths that could cause damage both to people (step and touch potential) and to equipment (resetting of computers, loss of communications, etc.). Another function of earthing is to minimise electromagnetic noise, improving signal quality, measurement accuracy of sensors, etc. Earthing must also provide a reference potential, equipotentiating the system, to avoid the variable voltages that can generate permanent surges that can damage equipment and even cause electrical fires.

Periodic checks of the grounding systems are essential to verify the state and functionality of the installation. The detection of the activity caused by defects or malfunctions in the earthing system serves as an indicator of failure or degradation, which allows risk situations to be anticipated, as well as optimising maintenance, etc.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas incorporates smart sensors, communications, digital platforms, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence into earthing systems, which represents a revolutionary improvement in the overall management, maintenance and control of the installation. Continuous and remote monitoring makes it possible to maintain adequate levels of safety for people and equipment, as risky situations that require preventive or corrective maintenance are identified, thus reducing maintenance costs and possible damage to the grounding system.  In this way it offers the most innovative and high quality technology in its new product from the Smart Earthing and Lightning Solutions range. SMART EARTHING MONITOR is the distributed IoT monitoring system for grounding.

SMART EARTHING MONITOR: smart sensors, IoT connectivity and Artificial Intelligence

The SMART EARTHING MONITOR distributed IOT monitoring system measures the resistance of the earthing and the continuity of the grounding conductor, remotely displaying the progress of these measurements. This ensures safety and continuity of service in various applications and scenarios.

This measuring device is particularly useful in Oil&Gas, telecommunications, wind energy, defence, industry and transport sectors, among others. Some applications of the SMART EARTHING MONITOR are: earthing in transformer stations, grounding conductors in cable screens in aerial-underground crossing sections, grounding of structural elements in substations, earthing in capacitor banks, monitoring of storage tank earthing, duct and pipeline earthing, optimisation of maintenance associated with cathodic protection, monitoring of the earthing in communication towers, monitoring of the grounding of wind and solar farms, etc.

SMART EARTHING MONITOR‘s IoT technology allows the earthing system to be monitored at regular and programmable intervals (hourly, daily, weekly). The measurement data is transferred through the modem incorporated within the equipment to the redundant and secure AT-CLOUD data centre, where it is processed through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning algorithms. In this way, the data is transformed into useful information, which makes it possible to identify signs of degradation and potential dangerous situations or even possible acts of vandalism, as well as to optimise preventive and corrective maintenance, reducing costs and labour risks, and to monitor electrical activity in the earthing system according to the customer’s requirements.

iot, earthingThe processed information is sent to the user via M2M communication to the web portal and other channels such as e-mail and App. Real-time visualisation of the status of the earthing system, push notifications of alarm warnings and also the record of values, warnings and alerts are available on these channels. Users with different profiles and permissions can be assigned from these channels.


SMART EARTHING MONITOR consists of two main elements: sensor and console. The sensor is a compact element through which the earthing conductor to be monitored is inserted. The console integrates the electronics, communications and back-up power supply. Both elements can be installed by fixing to a flat surface, without the need to section the earth wire, making it an easy-to-install unit. If communications are based on a GSM network, it must be ensured that coverage is available at the installation site. However, other communication options such as LoRa, SIGFOX, Ethernet, etc. are available on request.

The SMART EARTHING MONITOR distributed IOT monitoring system  is a configurable device that can be operated both locally and remotely via the web portal. Its warning and alarm criteria are also configurable. Data security is guaranteed by a redundant storage system.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. is once again at the leading edge of technological innovation with its Smart Earthing and Lightning Solutions range, to which SMART EARTHING MONITOR belongs, adding smart sensors, communications and digital platforms, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. SMART EARTHING MONITOR improves the reliability and safety of earthing systems, while optimising maintenance and periodic checks in terms of cost and time.

If you would like to know more about the specifications, versatility and utilities of this new product in the Smart Earthing and Lightning Solutions range, please do not hesitate to contact us.