Temporary overvoltage and undervoltage protection: IGA TEST PLUS

Temporary overvoltage and undervoltage protection: IGA TEST PLUS

Our new IGA TEST PLUS surge protector devices protect equipment and facilities against increase and decrease of voltage.


IGA TEST PLUS protectors actuate when detecting a temporary overvoltage or undervoltage, for example a failure on the neutral, cutting off the power supply and thus protecting the equipments installed downstream.

The protector is formed by a protective coil together with a Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB). To restore the IGA TEST PLUS it is necessary to reconnect the protective coil in advance using the RESET button.

Due to their characteristics, these new protectors are particularly suitable for the following facilities and/or equipment:

  • Temporary undervoltage protection: lighting, electrical appliances (fridges, washing machines, etc.), electric engines of the small industry and, in general, any equipment containing an inductance.
  • Temporary overvoltage protection: electronic equipment.

New IGA TEST PLUS protectors are available for both single and three phase systems and for 25, 32, 40, 50 y 63A nominal current. They can be installed as well in combination with ATSUB-D, which protect against transient overvoltages.

Certified according to the specifications described in the European standard EN 50550 – Power frequency overvoltage protective device for household and similar applications (POP), our IGA TEST PLUS protectors have been tested by ÍTACA, official and independent Laboratory of Electrical Safety.


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