Three DAT Controler® PLUS lightning rods protect the park of the Paraguayan Olympic Committee

DAT CONTROLER® PLUS 60 ESE lightning rods provide a maximum protection for the Paraguayan Olympic Park, the new sports complex that hosts the Olympic Training Centre (CEO) of Paraguay, offices of sports federations and sport halls, among other spaces.

This new enclosure, located in the Ñu Guasu area of the city of Luque, officially opened on June 2nd and plans to become the venue for national and international competitions.

With three DAT Controler® PLUS 60 ESE lightning rods, it has been possible to cover the main buildings of the complex, with a total area over 120,000 square meters. Each DAT Controler® PLUS 60 will protect a 107-meter radius area in order to provide a level IV protection.

These lightning rods have passed all tests in accordance with the standards and ensure their performance under rainy conditions (with a patented design for an insulation above 95%).

Download the DAT Controler® PLUS ESE lightning rod technical data sheet