What is a lightning strike counter?

Lightning strike counters are very useful tools in lightning protection installations, since they provide first-hand information on whether the installation has suffered a lightning strike and therefore if there is a need for any subsequent verification or extra maintenance beyond the periodical inspections, according the provisions of the standards ((UNE-EN IEC 62305, UNE 21186, NF C 17 102, NP4426, etc.).

Lightning strike counters from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas

ATLOGGER lightning event counter

The ATLOGGER lightning event counter (AT-004G) is a recorder of electrical activity in the lightning rod’s down-conductor which, in addition to counting the number of strikes, records the amplitude and polarity of the lightning, as well as the date and time the impact occurred.

The ATLOGGER lightning event counter is authorised for use in explosive atmospheres (CE EX certificated) and complies with the standards UNE-EN IEC 62561-6).ATLOGGER lightning event counter


Installation of the lightning strike counter is very easy as it does not involve any interruption or cutting of the down-conductor. Simply place it beside the down-conductor and fix it properly onto a flat surface. The data is downloaded automatically using a USB device that enables data transfer from different ATLOGGER devices to the reading point.

Data reading

Data downloading should coincide, at least, with the revision and periodic maintenance of the system or when the number of strikes on the installation exceeds 30 since the last download. The internal memory allows the recording of up to 40 events.

Software is included for download management by means of transfer device with USB connection with the purchase of the ATLOGGER lightning counter.


It should be installed so that the down conductor of the lightning arrester is on the side of the electromechanical counter. When no drilling of the mounting surface is allowed, a support plate can be used, providing a flat and sturdy surface for attaching the ATLOGGER.

AT-034G Lightning event counter

The AT-034G lightning event counter is a device to be installed on the down-conductor, usually above the guard tube. It automatically counts the strikes received by the lightning protection system. It is very sturdy and totally autonomous, however it is advisable to check it periodically in order to see if there has been a strike and, therefore, whether or not the lightning protection system needs any special maintenance.

This counter is designed to be installed inside self-supporting masts and interrupting the downconductor is not necessary for its installation.AT-034G Lightning event counter


It is installed on the down conductor of the lightning arrester, normally above the protection guard tube. The lightning event counter is fixed to the down conductor by tightening the four screws included in the support plate, so that the down conductor sits between both elements.  It does not require the interruption of the down conductor for its installation and it can also be installed inside self-supporting masts.


The AT-034G lightning strike counter is an ergonomic and totally autonomous device, however it is necessary to check it periodically to see if there has been any impact and therefore, if the protection system requires any special maintenance.

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