Wind energy: smart technology for grounding and lightning protection systems

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. has developed the precise solutions for the efficient management of grounding and lightning protection systems in wind farms, maximising occupational safety and cost savings. We are at WindEurope Bilbao 2022 presenting the advanced equipment for the wind energy sector: SMART EARTHING MONITORING SYSTEM, WIND TURBINE SMART LIGHTNING LOGGER and ATSTORM®.

In Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. we are experts in intelligent sensorisation, telecommunications and digital platforms, with a wide portfolio of advanced technological solutions in the areas of grounding and lightning protection systems. The products specially adapted to the wind energy sector are the SMART EARTHING MONITORING SYSTEM, WIND TURBINE SMART LIGHTNING LOGGER and ATSTORM®, which you will be able to see on stand 1-D56 at WindEurope Bilbao on 5-7 April 2022.

SMART EARTHING MONITORING SYSTEM: monitoring of earthing systems

The SMART EARTHING MONITORING SYSTEM solution enables the efficient management of grounding systems through the centralised monitoring of intelligent sensors distributed throughout the installations / facilities.

Continuous monitoring allows real-time detection of critical safety situations that require corrective maintenance, but also provides data for predictive maintenance that optimises the useful life of the assets connected to the grounding system. All this means significant cost savings, thanks to the operational and logistical simplification of verification processes.

Lightning monitoring in the blades with WIND TURBINE SMART LIGHTNING LOGGER

WIND TURBINE SMART LIGHTNING LOGGER is the new smart logger that continuously monitors the electrical activity in the wind turbine blades where it is installed.

This device is key to identifying damage caused by lightning strikes on the blades, the timely maintenance and repair of which avoids large economic costs in the future. The equipment provides real-time lightning alerts and characterises the lightning current, providing objective data in the event of an incident.

The sensor readings are processed in the secure servers of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A., from where alerts are sent to customers through multiple channels, such as mobile APP, SCADA integration and web portal. In this way, permanent control of the assets is available and all the information generated in several wind farms can be concentrated in the Control Centre.

ATSTORM® local thunderstorm detection system

ATSTORM® is the most advanced local storm detection system on the market thanks to its dual sensing technology, together with centralised monitoring and IoT connectivity, and backed by more than 15 years of accumulated experience.

This system is essential in the prevention of occupational hazards arising from thunderstorms, as it provides the maximum possible anticipation to activate preventive measures to protect workers, even when the first lightning strikes directly over the area.

The lightning risk warning as well as the no risk warning are based on continuous monitoring of the local electrostatic field, which is the only direct and unambiguous indicator of all phases of the thunderstorm from its formation or approach to the clear weather conditions after the storm dissipates or moves away.

This accurate determination of risk allows optimisation of downtime, maximising operational and financial efficiency, while reinforcing the safety of operators at all times.

Optimising occupational safety and, at the same time, ensuring cost savings is possible with advanced smart technology solutions. Our products SMART EARTHING MONITORING SYSTEM, WIND TURBINE SMART LIGHTNING LOGGER and ATSTORM® are especially recommended to achieve these goals in the wind energy sector.

If you would like to learn more about the advances in safety and cost savings that our devices provide, we look forward to seeing you at stand 1-D56 at WindEurope Bilbao from 5-7 April 2022.

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