All our ATCONTROL temporary overvoltage protectors are now self-configurable

The protector detects automatically the line voltage and self-programs the overvoltage thresholds

ATCONTROL temporary overvoltage protectors manage the moment to disconnect the line depending on the overvoltage level, as required in the standard EN 50550. These times and voltages are internally programmed with the values required by the standard. Such values are defined in order not only to avoid damages to the equipment but also to minimize unnecessary disconnections. Therefore, the accepted value of the overvoltage depends on the nominal voltage of the line.

Now, our ATCONTROL protectors detect the nominal voltage of the line where they are installed and self-program the overvoltage and time thresholds as required in the standard for the detected voltage. Thanks to this, our temporary overvoltage protectors can be installed anywhere: the same device is valid in Europe, America or any other market.

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