Aplicaciones Tecnológicas’ DAT CONTROLER® PLUS has renewed its product quality certification

Our ESE lightning air terminal is certified by AENOR and meets the prior withstanding current test required by the new editions of UNE 21186 and NF C 17-102 standards.

Having committed to developing effective products with the highest manufacturing quality required by national and international lightning protection standards, we have renewed the product quality certification for our ESE air terminal DAT CONTROLER® PLUS.

Once again, this certification confirms that our air terminals are not perishable and they continue working after repetitive lightning strikes, maintaining the advance time capability. DAT CONTROLER® PLUS has been submitted to a withstanding current test previous to the test where the advance time is determined. This group of tests is called “lightning current – advance time consecutive test”. DAT CONTROLER® PLUS has obtained the AENOR Product Certification after passing it with the proper advance time.