ATLOGGER: a lightning event counter with more information and easier installation

ATLOGGER records the peak current, amplitude and polarity of the lightning strike, and even the date and time when the event occurred

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. launches the new device ATLOGGER, a lightning event counter that, installed beside the down-conductor of the air terminal, is able to record not only the passing of lightning current but also the date and time when that happened.

All this information can be easily collected using a USB memory for carrying data from diverse ATLOGGER to the point of reading.

The installation procedure is very simple since the device only has to be fixed on a flat surface and in contact with the down-conductor, being not necessary to cut or interrupt in any manner such down-conductor.

Each ATLOGGER device is able to store up to 40 events. Then the provided information can be processed with really clear and friendly software. Lightning protection standards establish that the lightning protection systems should be verified each time they have been struck by lightning, so the installation of reliable lightning event counters, providing as much information as possible, is highly recommended.

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