ATLOGGER: More information about the received discharges

ATLOGGER: More information about the received discharges

The software for reading the ATLOGGER data is very easy to install and returns the recorded data in friendly formats

The ATLOGGER smart counter will be installed close to the lightning down-conductor and will record and store the discharges striking the lightning protection system. It can store internally up to 40 events, which in most cases exceeds the expected number of flashes during the life of the lightning protection system. The collected data for each discharge are amplitude, polarity and date and time when lightning strike was registered.

Data can easily be gathered with the reading module, provided with a USB connection for later data dump to a PC where the ATLOGGER software has been installed. Like this, readings are stored in text or spreadsheet format, ready to work with them, thus obtaining clear and trustable information that can be saved, analysed and verified at any moment.

The ATLOGGER counter has been designed and tested according to the standard IEC 62561-6 in order to ensure proper performance, robustness and weather resistance.

Download here the ATLOGGER User Manual