Da Pena Palace in Sintra is protected against lightning strikes with our materials

Da Pena Palace, located in the mountains of Sintra (Portugal), is already protected against the direct effects of lightning strikes with a wide range of products from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A., such as early streamer emission lightning rods, Franklin rods, masts, adapters, anchors, lightning event counter, clips, clamps, etc.

Its geographical location, on the top of a hill in a natural park, results in a high probability of electrical discharge. In addition, due to its great historical and cultural value (19th Century building declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO), the damage caused by the fall of a lightning strike would be irreparable.

One of the premises of this project was the use of high quality materials with a resistance to different atmospheric conditions, that guarantee its operation and effectiveness over a long period of time and comply with actual standards.

A combined external protection has been chosen for the design, with DAT CONTROLER® PLUS 60, Franklin rods and copper meshes. This method increases safety with a controlled point of impact for a lightning strike and with a uniform distribution of the electric current.

Download the ESE lightning rod DAT CONTROLER® PLUS Datasheet

Download the Franklin rod Datasheet