Lightning strike risk assessment for industrial sectors

Lightning strike risk assessment for industrial sectors

Professional studies of risk assessment for lightning strikes are necessary, if not mandatory, in the industrial sector.

Damages to people, facilities and equipment caused by direct lightning strikes or fire due to an electrical discharge may be severe in the industrial sector, especially in those industries that use flammable materials or chemicals.

In most countries it is compulsory a professional study to determine:

  • Protection level of the installation
  • Design of the lightning protection system
  • Type of installation to perform
  • Verification and maintenance plan

A standardized lightning protection system significantly reduces the damages caused by lightning strikes. Also, it will avoid very high costs due to service interruptions, stops of production processes or switching off and on again certain machinery if the control equipment is affected by lightning.

In Aplicaciones Tecnológicas we have more than 25 years experience developing lightning protection projects worldwide according to the most relevant national and international standards.

As a result of our expertise, we have developed the industry's most comprehensive software to design lightning protection systems: CDRisk.

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