Madrid-Barajas Airport has installed DAT CONTROLER® PLUS Early Streamer Emission air terminals

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas lightning air terminals and other devices for lightning protection cover eight buildings of the airport.

The management company in charge of Madrid-Barajas International Airport has entrusted Aplicaciones Tecnológicas to adapt its lightning protection to UNE 21186 ESE standard.

The project design, which includes a total of 29 lightning air terminals, has paid special attention to provide two down-conductors for each air terminal as determined by UNE 21186 and NFC 17102, as well as IEC 62305. In addition, two new DAT CONTROLER® PLUS have been installed in order to complete the lightning protection of some facilities.

Terminals 1 and 2, P2 parking, the fire control service or the electrical switchboard are some of the buildings and facilities protected by this project.