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SMART EARTHING MONITORING SYSTEM: the importance of monitoring earthing systems in the industrial sector

SMART EARTHING MONITORING SYSTEM´s main feature is to monitor earth connections, providing valuable information not only on the status of the facility but also on the equipment connected to it. In the industrial sector, this facilitates operational and financial efficiency through preventive and corrective maintenance.

Continuous monitoring makes it possible to track the status of processes, machinery, facilities, etc., by systematical measuring selected indicators. The analysis of these indicators facilitates the implementation of necessary interventions for the industrial processes maintenance. In the industrial sector, in particular, it is common to monitor a power part, which includes the measurement of indicators relating to consumption and supply quality, for example, voltage amplitude, fluctuations, overvoltage and undervoltage, phase difference, active and reactive consumption, etc.

This monitoring of the power part makes it possible to obtain the distribution of consumption, detect machinery being switched on out of schedule, record demand peaks to optimise the contracted power, determine possible measures to improve and save energy in the facilities and many other things. In this way, the consumption of the different production areas and facilities can be adequately sectorised.

After all, electrical monitoring is a key to achieving industrial energy efficiency, managing both energy consumption and scheduling the operation of machines, equipment and production lines.

However, the use of industrial monitoring of the earthing system is not so widespread, even though it provides valuable information on the connected equipment. This is because earthing makes it possible to observe the electrical dynamics attributable to malfunctions of the installation, but also of the equipment connected to the earthing system. In case of any degradation or malfunction, this equipment generates an activity that can be used as an indicator. Thus, the earthing system becomes a sensor that identifies the progressive or sudden degradation of the connected elements.

Aware of the importance of earthing systems for the safety of people, facilities and connected equipment, at Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. we have developed SMART EARTHING MONITORING SYSTEM for the efficient supervision of earthing systems.

Centralised monitoring with SMART EARTHING MONITORING SYSTEM

SMART EARTHING MONITORING SYSTEM is a smart solution for optimising the safety and operational-financial efficiency of assets connected to the earthing system. Using smart sensors distributed at selected control points, the SMART EARTHING MONITORING SYSTEM performs centralised monitoring of the earthing system. The sensors evaluate the status of the facility at regular, programmable intervals, thus ensuring safety and continuity of service.

In addition, the distributed processing of the SMART EARTHING MONITORING SYSTEM provides a high processing capacity for the incorporation of new features and user requirements, and automatic local intervention.

The interpretation of sensor data provides accurate diagnostics employing AI algorithms such as Deep Learning algorithms, which achieve a complete characterisation of the monitored system.

With feedback sent to the different departments (asset management, operations, maintenance, etc.) through alerts and historical measurements, predictive and corrective maintenance is optimised. Predictive maintenance extends the useful life of equipment connected to the earthing system, while real-time alerts enable almost immediate inspections and early repairs. SMART EARTHING MONITORING SYSTEM continuously monitors the status of assets, detecting real-time disconnections from the earthing system and alerting in the event of theft, degradation, breakdown and accidental breakage.

As a result, financial efficiency is achieved due to cost savings from the logistical simplification of verification processes and improved preventive and corrective maintenance.

SMART EARTHING MONITORING SYSTEM also minimises risks by preventing safety-critical situations due to step and touch voltages in inadequately maintained facilities.

Structure and characteristics of SMART EARTHING MONITORING SYSTEM

SMART EARTHING MONITORING SYSTEM uses distributed sensorisation, IoT connectivity and artificial intelligence to monitor earthing systems.

The sensor measurements are transferred via a secure protocol to the redundant AT-CLOUD (TIER IV-Gold) datacenter. After the data is processed and transformed into useful information for the customer, it is sent via M2M communication to the web portal and other channels (e-mail, APP, integration with SCADA). The user has real-time visualisation of the earthing system status, alarm notification via push notification and historical measurement data for analysis and reports.


  • Robustness with double backup data storage.
  • Highly resilient design that minimises dependence on the availability of electronic components on the market. This provides a greater guarantee of supply and reduces delivery times.
  • Remote adaptability of functionalities and options, either individually (for the implementation and testing of new functions), in groups (for partial studies and adjustment of local configurations) or globally.
  • Local processing, independent of communications.

We also offer additional services related to application maintenance and equipment maintenance, with remote updates and 24/7 technical service. These services include data backup, remote equipment diagnosis, local data restoration and equipment self-calibration.

At Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. we are experts in the development of ad-hoc projects according to customer requirements. If you would like more information about SMART EARTHING MONITORING SYSTEM for industrial monitoring of earthing systems, please contact us for an analysis of your specific case and how we can help you to optimise the lifespan of your assets.