Smart lightning counters for efficient decision making

Smart lightning counters for efficient decision making

Lightning protection standards establish certain periods for the verification and maintenance of the installed systems, which may vary depending on the normative. However, one point is the same in all of them: a complete verification is necessary every time the installation has been stroke by lightning. Mechanical or electrical lightning event counters record these strikes with one account every time a lightning current passes trough them.

ATLOGGER lightning smart counter allows not only knowing the number of strikes to a structure but also other interesting parameters such as date and time of the strike, amplitude and polarity of the discharge as well as an estimation of its charge and specific energy.

This information is highly useful for solving engineering problems related to damages caused by lightning. Routine and preventive maintenance tasks, the design and the safety of the installations,…  all of them can benefit of this information since the stress suffered by the object under study can be quantified thanks to the statistics provided by ATLOGGER.

ATLOGGER is easy to install since there is no need for cutting the down-conductor. Data stored by the device can be download with a small USB memory stick and dump to a PC where the ATLOGGER software has been installed. Like this, readings are stored in text or spreadsheet format, ready to work with them, thus obtaining clear and trustable information that can be saved, analysed and verified at any moment.