Tests beyond regulatory requirements endorse the excellence of DAT CONTROLER PLUS

Since it was launched on the market, DAT CONTROLER PLUS lightning air terminals have been submitted to more proofs than those required for these products. Now standards include some of those tests

The standard for Early Streamer Emission (ESE) lightning air terminals required, since it appeared, that they should probe their advance time in a high voltage laboratory with a test that was described in such standard (UNE21186). DAT CONTROLER PLUS lightning air terminals, besides passing that test, were submitted since their creation to all type of proofs, such as extreme environmental conditions, mechanical strength, isolation under rain or withstand of lightning currents.

Over time, first the "N" product certification given by AENOR (Spanish Association of Certification) and afterwards the new edition of the standard, they have incorporated some of those tests. Recently, our DAT CONTROLER PLUS air terminals have renewed that product certification, which now includes that the air terminal should stay in highly sulphurous and salty atmospheres before passing the lightning current and advance time tests. Besides, searching higher safety than the normative, DAT CONTROLER PLUS air terminals are submitted to an additional isolation tests for assuring its correct work under rain.

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