The Panama Canal expansion, protected against lightning strikes with equipment from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A.

The immense project, of great strategic value, is situated in an area of high density for atmospheric discharges.

Franklin air rods, supports, clips, clamps, lightning strike counters, guard tubes, overvoltage protectors, exothermic welding moulds,… an extensive product range for lightning protection from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. have been chosen for the Panama Canal expansion, the largest project at the Canal since its original construction.

The need for protection is evident from being situated in a high density lightning area, making this project an essential service of great economic value with sophisticated and sensible control systems.

Furthermore, this project has had the added difficulty of being situated in a high saline environment, with a high concentration in chlorides and therefore with important corrosion problems. Special care and attention has been given to the quality of materials, and where possible, exothermic welding has been used to make the connections between conductors, since they provide a molecular joint of equal or better characteristics than the original conductors themselves.