Thunderstorms are still causing serious personal and economic damages

Thunderstorms are still causing serious personal and economic damages

If there is no lightning protection, of if it is not correct, lightning can cause important economic losses, ecological disasters and mortal victims.

Due to globalization, ease of access to information and the widespread use of the media, we hear now more detailed news about lightning strikes causing injuries and economic losses. In the last month we have known about fatalities due to lightning when those persons were practising outdoor activities, such as fishing or playing football. Also about important industrial accidents, such as the two cases of fires in oil plants in Venezuela. Lightning is as well one of the main causes of forest fires, and has been pointed as possible cause of the vast fire of this year in the natural park of Yosemite (US).

Lightning has always been one of the most dangerous natural phenomena; we should not underestimate the risk nor spare precautions.  External protection prevents fires and physical damages, but lines should also be protected in order to avoid that lightning current enters the structure, reaching the equipment or even the people. In many occasions, such as forests or open-air activities, only detecting the thunderstorm and taking the appropriate actions can avoid irreversible damages.

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