What to do during a storm? - Tips for personal protection

What to do during a storm? – Tips for personal protection

With the oncoming sunny weather, we do more outdoor activities. At this time of the year electric storms are more frequent. What can we do if a thunderstorm takes us by surprise when we are outdoors?

At Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A., as experts in lightning protection, we propose a series of tips for personal protection in the event of a storm:

The first thing to do when a storm approaches is to seek shelter in a building, which preferably has a lightning rod. In case there are no nearby buildings, a car with a covered roof would also be a good choice, as its structure is completely metallic and would dissipate the current to the ground.

Without buildings or covered vehicles nearby, we should reduce our height and the surface of our body in contact with the ground. To do this, the best way is to crouch with our feet together refraining from resting our hands on the floor.

Equally important are the actions we should not take in the event of a storm. Among the most common, we have to avoid:

  • Riding a bicycle or a horse
  • Remaining in a convertible vehicle
  • Being in water or near trees
  • Open and isolated areas
  • Contact with metal structures
  • The use of landlines
  • Carrying objects that protrude above the head, such as umbrellas, golf clubs, etc.

In the event of a person being struck by lightning, first aid should be given immediately including those affected by electric shock or burns.

A lightning strike is one of the most destructive phenomenon in nature. Adequate protection along with knowledge of basic guidelines and speed of action can reduce its effects considerably.