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What is a dry thunderstorm and what are its risks?

By definition, “a dry thunderstorm is a storm that has no or very little precipitation associated with it, but does carry electrical activity”. The absence of precipitation can create a false sense of security that poses a serious risk to the safety of people and structures. In this scenario, a system with sensors capable of detecting all phases of the storm and issuing warnings before the first impact can make a difference.

Safety in the construction industry

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of United States details in its report on “safety in the construction industry” that precautions should be taken to avoid the danger of lightning to workers. In Great Britain alone, according to issue Nº. 401 of The International Journal of Meteorology, reports for over the past 30 years show work-related activities accounted for 15% of the total of deaths due to electrical discharges.

Golf courses: the danger of thunderstorms

There are two relevant data facts to keep in mind when evaluating the danger of lightning in golf courses. Firstly, the annual average of death casualties in golf courses is 13 people worldwide, being the majority due to electrical discharges caused by storms. Secondly, 5% of the total deaths caused by lightning strikes in the US occur in golf courses.