IGA TEST COMPACT T: the most compact and easy to install protector against transient and temporary overvoltages, now also three-phase

IGA TEST COMPACT T includes an MCB and a Type 2 surge protector

IGA TEST COMPACT protectors consist of  a protective coil, that includes transient overvoltage protection, together with a main circuit breaker (MCB).

These protectors activate when detecting a temporary overvoltage, for example a failure of the neutral, protecting down-stream installed equipment.

To restore the IGA TEST it is necessary to reconnect the shunt trip release in advance, using the RESET button.

Moreover these protectors activate whenever they detect a transient overvoltage driving the current, up to a peak of 15kA, to earth.

Type 2 protector tested according to EN 61643-11. Provided with a thermodynamic control device, that disconnects from the electrical network in case of degrading, and a warning system.

Their small size and ease of installation make them ideal for reforms in housing and business premises, where a power installation that is already made has to be protected.

The integrated MCB is available in the most usual nominal currents: 20, 25, 32, 40, 50 and 63A.