Innovating the exothermic welding system: Apliweld® Secure+

Innovating the exothermic welding system: Apliweld® Secure+

Our Apliweld®-T universal welding compound tablets and Apliweld®-E electronic ignition help to save costs and avoid labour risks.

What is Apliweld® Secure+?

  • APLIWELD®-T: universal tablets of compacted welding compound (AT-020N).
  • APLIWELD®-E: electronic starters (AT-010N) and ignition unit (AT-100N).

How does it work?

Easy to use and more safety in four simple steps:

  1. Place the APLIWELD®-T tablets in the crucible. The proper number of tablets is marked on each mould.
  2. Set APLIWELD-E electronic starter at the mould cover and connect the clamps.
  3. Press simultaneously both buttons of APLIWELD-E ignition unit.
  4. Get the resulting welding.


Apliweld® Secure+ keeps the benefits of conventional Apliweld® system. Furthermore, it provides:

  • Cost saving:

    • A single type of welding compound for any type of connection using Apliweld®-T tablets, so less stock is needed.
    • Greater ease of use thus reducing labor costs and training time.
    • The quicker reaction, easier slag removing and lower released energy result in longer mould life.
  • Labour & Risk Prevention

    • Apliweld®-E ignition unit allows remote control starting, increasing work safety and avoiding labour risks.
    • Apliweld®-E- ignition starters do not need flammable material or flint Igniters, facilitating their use, storage and transportation (by air, land or sea, in unlimited quantities).
  • Moreover:

    • Less metallic or plastic waste.
    • Versatility – Enables the work with wind, high humidity and other common problems of fieldwork..
    • In standard storage conditions, Apliweld® Secure+ is never degraded throughout time.
    • APLIWELD®-T tablets also ignite using traditional Starting powder.

More info about Apliweld® Secure+ exothermic welding system.