Lightning Protection Systems for low conductivity soils: APLIROD® Dynamic Electrode

Adequacy of earthing through the installation of APLIROD®.

Lightning protection systems for buildings that have been constructed on soils with a high resistivity should pay special attention to the maintenance of the earthing. In this type of soils with low conductivity, the lack of free ions surrounding the earthing electrode is detrimental to its working. The grounding systems using dynamic electrodes are precisely based on providing ions to the soil.

APLIROD® is the solution of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas that improves the earthing resistance even in rocky and stony soils. Those electrodes absorb the environmental humidity and the water that could stay inside the pit, providing ions and gradually reducing the soil resistivity in deep zones where the resistance can be enhanced.

Such is the case of the Lighthouse Tower of Hercules in A Coruña, which has recently suffered diverse damages due to a lightning strike. Erected on a high resistivity soil, one of the improvements of its lightning protection system is de adequacy of the earthing by installing dynamic electrodes and conductive material APLIFILL®

Detailed technical information: APLIROD® / APLIFILL®.