Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. experts give specialized courses to Industry Inspectors

The use of exothermic welding described in the Spanish Low Voltage Installation Code was explained within the course


Last 26th of May, a course for industry inspectors took place in Madrid, in which the Technical Support Manager of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas participated as trainer. This course dealt with different aspects related to electrical installations and earthing checkings that the inspectors of the Spanish Ministry of Industry should perform following the Low Voltage Installation Code.

This Code states that "Connections are considered to be electrically correct if they are made, for example, by means of connection clamps or aluminothermic welding".  Furthermore, within one of the complementary technical instructions (ITC-BT-26), it is even more specifically established that the ring conductor or the electrodes should be connected safely to the metallic structure of the building or to the reinforcement of the foundations thus using aluminothermic (exothermic) welding.

This subject was reviewed during the course, as well as other ones related to lightning protection such as the need of transient and permanent overvoltage protectors.

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