DAT CONTROLER PLUS lightning air terminals protect the largest citrus warehouse in Europe

The storehouse of over 50.000m² surface had been destroyed by fire and has been rebuilt with the increased security measures

The facilities of Fontestad, one of the most important companies in handling and distribution of oranges, were destroyed by fire in June 2012. Two years later the company has been rebuilt, with particular attention to all possible safety measures to prevent something similar ever happening again.

One of the measures taken has been to protect the entire structure against direct lightning strike installing DAT CONTROLER PLUS Early Streamer Emission Air Terminals, which are provided with the highest guaranties of wood working, as the product mark N of AENOR certifies. They meet the requirements of the lightning protection standards’ latest edition going even beyond these standards with a thorough quality control, more severe current tests and certification of performance under rain.

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